CBM8296D hangs after reset

From: Michael Huth (enigma_at_mail.lipsia.de)
Date: 2007-04-22 17:20:11

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after about 1.5 years I tried to reactivate my 8296D, but it seems to
hang now after switching on / or reset.
It worked previously.

The error looks like this:
The screen stays black and the CPU seems to stop at some point.
Most noticeable when the startup sound stops with a permanent sound.
The floppys seem to reset ok.
Once I had the screen full of chars, that looked like memory after a
Once it stopped in the Monitor and when I entered 'x' it showed ready.
and hanged.
Once it stopped in the Monitor and the cursor ran forward producing
random chars, when I pressed shift-clr/home it cleared the screen and
If I press reset short, it seems to stop in most cases before the
startup sound is played.
If I press reset for about one second it plays the full startup sound.

I took out and in all socketed ICs, to see if it a contact problem,
but it didn't helped.
I noticed that UE6 gets quite hot (so hot you cant keep your finger on
it for some time - if you arent a cook ;) ).

I read in some forums that this error might be a defect PLA (UE6) ?
There was also written, that somewhere a reverse engineered ROM is in
the works, but I couldn't find any.

So could this error apply to UE6 and if so, where can I get a replacement?


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