Computer Math

From: Craig Taylor (
Date: 2007-04-22 11:44:51

I've started drafting an outline of a file called, "Computer Math" in
which I'm trying to cover all of the low-level bit additions,
multiplications, number base conversions, geometric function
algorithms etc.

This is primarily targeted at understanding the math and algorithms
involved - not the implementation of them. Hence, I'm trying to take a
processor agnostic approach albeit I am considering having applied
examples from (at least the 6502 that I'm most familiair with) and
maybe the x86 if I can find some decent docs / understanding on that
strange beast.

I've started but it's going to get quite long... :-)

Is anyone on the list interested in help to collaborate on this? If
you are I can send you the beginning draft and after reviewing add you
to the google collaboration page so we don't pollute the list.


- Craig Taylor

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