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Date: 2007-03-08 08:22:38

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>> ...., but also IANAL.
> IANAL ???

Abbreviation for "I am not a lawyer". Commonly used disclaimer
when you are a layman who speak about law matters.

I don't know how Commodore would have use of a poster with old
computers, but as long as you don't use the trademark and are
willing to butt your head against whoever might later harass you,
it probably is fine to ignore claims and demands from Yeahronimo.

On another forum, the point was raised that the new Commodore
needs to sell generic gaming PCs in order to raise enough money
to invest in (develop?) more unique, interesting projects they
come upon, e.g. the follow-up to C64DTV.

I suppose they could just as well sell orange juice with the C=
logotype, but that profit margins are higher on personal computers
than orange juice. Old Jack T would probably suggest them to sell
disposable razors.

By the way, does anyone know if Commoronimo has tried to establish
contact with Tramiel in any way, as some consultant or spokesperson?
Under the right premises, it could buy them a chunk of credability
if the original founder was onboard the ship in one way or another.
From Wikipedia I see that he was involved in JTS Corp as late as 1998
when Atari was sold to Hasbro, who sold it to Infogrames in 2001. I
suppose almost 79 year old Jack has no connections to Infogratari?

Anders Carlsson

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