RE: Commodore on CeBIT

From: B. Degnan (
Date: 2007-03-08 14:13:21

I don't know, but you can ask him at the Vintage Computer Festival East 4.0 
( this June.

>By the way, does anyone know if Commoronimo has tried to establish
>contact with Tramiel in any way, as some consultant or spokesperson?
>Under the right premises, it could buy them a chunk of credability
>if the original founder was onboard the ship in one way or another.
> From Wikipedia I see that he was involved in JTS Corp as late as 1998
>when Atari was sold to Hasbro, who sold it to Infogrames in 2001. I
>suppose almost 79 year old Jack has no connections to Infogratari?


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