Re: Cottonwood BBS is operational!

From: B. Degnan (
Date: 2006-12-08 14:48:54

I will attempt a real C64 connection later today or Saturday.  Thank you 
for doing this.  Let me know when the system will not be available, in 
general, GMT -500 (Eastern USA).

At 08:37 AM 12/8/2006 -0300, you wrote:

>--- Marko Mäkelä <> escreveu:
> > Does the BBS run on real hardware or an emulator?
>The BBS runs on a real Commodore 64, with a Commodore
>1670 modem, four 1541 disk drives, and Ivory BBS v3.3
>software.  My intent in this "project" is for
>preserving "purity".  There are plenty of people out
>there who are running BBS's accessable via Telnet,
>emulated or not.  I just wanted to bring my BBS back
>exactly the way it was when I ran it 16 or 17 years
> > I don't wonder why the VoIP line didn't work.  It
> > might work with a
> > codec that used lossless compression, but not on
> > those fancy codecs
> > that transform between the time and frequency
> > domains.
>I signed up for a VoIP line with AT&T Callvantage
>specifically because they advertised that the line
>would include an option for "Fax and Modem Support".
>As it turns out, this should have read "Fax Support",
>as the people at AT&T who I spoke with said that the
>"Fax and Modem Support" was only for fax machines, and
>that they did not support the use of an analog modem
>on their phone lines.
> > > Call now at +1 (951)242-3593
> >
> > Thanks, but I got rid of a fixed phone line years
> > ago.  Does it work
> > with GSM data? :-)  [It actually might, but I've
> > never used GSM data.]
> > Has anyone hooked a GSM phone to a C64?
>I really couldn't say...  but it would be interesting
>to know if anyone has accomplished this successfully.
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