Re: Cottonwood BBS is operational!

From: Andrew Wiskow (
Date: 2006-12-08 12:37:08

--- Marko Mäkelä <> escreveu:

> Does the BBS run on real hardware or an emulator? 

The BBS runs on a real Commodore 64, with a Commodore
1670 modem, four 1541 disk drives, and Ivory BBS v3.3
software.  My intent in this "project" is for
preserving "purity".  There are plenty of people out
there who are running BBS's accessable via Telnet,
emulated or not.  I just wanted to bring my BBS back
exactly the way it was when I ran it 16 or 17 years

> I don't wonder why the VoIP line didn't work.  It
> might work with a
> codec that used lossless compression, but not on
> those fancy codecs
> that transform between the time and frequency
> domains.

I signed up for a VoIP line with AT&T Callvantage
specifically because they advertised that the line
would include an option for "Fax and Modem Support". 
As it turns out, this should have read "Fax Support",
as the people at AT&T who I spoke with said that the
"Fax and Modem Support" was only for fax machines, and
that they did not support the use of an analog modem
on their phone lines.

> > Call now at +1 (951)242-3593
> Thanks, but I got rid of a fixed phone line years
> ago.  Does it work
> with GSM data? :-)  [It actually might, but I've
> never used GSM data.]
> Has anyone hooked a GSM phone to a C64?

I really couldn't say...  but it would be interesting
to know if anyone has accomplished this successfully. 


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