Re: Cottonwood BBS is operational!

From: Andrew Wiskow (
Date: 2006-12-08 16:14:25

I plan to keep it running for a long, long time to
come.  For the next 7 years, until I retire, I'm still
in the navy, so every few years I'll have to move, and
when I do, I'll have to change the phone number.  The
next time that will happen will be in May or June of
2009.  So there's still a while to go...  ;-)


--- "B. Degnan" <> escreveu:

> I will attempt a real C64 connection later today or
> Saturday.  Thank you 
> for doing this.  Let me know when the system will
> not be available, in 
> general, GMT -500 (Eastern USA).
> Bill

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