Re: More Pics of OEM PET - Malvern 8296 (hi-res)

From: B. Degnan (
Date: 2006-10-08 03:38:53

Yes the first picture is of my 9090 drive...

Thank you for passing along this information.  I will check my drives too, 
to see if I have a match.  I also am very curious about the add-on 
card.  In some of the pictures you'll notice that the monitor board had 
popped out of it/s riser clips.  I have since then re-attached it.   The 
pics are from the initial inspection.

I have three pages of notes to be posted soon.  Here is a summary.
The system powers up, but there is no picture.  The drive returns the same 
IEEE drive OK flash pattern, but SHIFT+RUN/STOP does not initiate a search 
for a program to run.  The only thing I have done so far is  unplug the 
keyboard and attach to a nearby CBM 256 Hi-profile B series to verify that 
the keyboard is sending a signal to the computer.  The keys pressed do not 
match what appears on the computer.  So at least in this case the CBM 256 
hi-profile does not have the same external keyboard layout as this 
8296.  For example press j and get 7, @ = 9, shift = w, repeat=e, 4 on 
keypad = a...

the disk drive controller is P/N 251203 rev B 1983

It could take a while to restore this system, but I believe I have enough 
parts around to try.
Bill D

At 10:09 PM 10/7/2006 +0200, you wrote:

>Hi Bill,
>just some notes:
>- the 25pin d-sub connector indicates that this really is a 8296
>   PET board
>- As far as I can see the 8296 board is a from an 8296, not a
>   8296-D, as the latter had a switched power supply and none of
>   the big capacitors and/for the on-board regulators of the 8296
>   like this board here.
>- I find it interesting that the disk drive uses two 6502 instead
>   of a 6502 and a 6504, but I have to check with the schematics
>   of the other disk drives.
>- The first image seems to be of a 9060/9090 harddisk, not of the
>   PET?

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