Re: More Pics of OEM PET - Malvern 8296 (hi-res)

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2006-10-07 22:09:37

Hi Bill,

just some notes:

- the 25pin d-sub connector indicates that this really is a 8296 
  PET board
- As far as I can see the 8296 board is a from an 8296, not a 
  8296-D, as the latter had a switched power supply and none of
  the big capacitors and/for the on-board regulators of the 8296
  like this board here.
- I find it interesting that the disk drive uses two 6502 instead 
  of a 6502 and a 6504, but I have to check with the schematics
  of the other disk drives.
- The first image seems to be of a 9060/9090 harddisk, not of the 


Von: "B. Degnan" <>
Betreff: More Pics of OEM PET - Malvern 8296 (hi-res)

> I uploaded the rest of the pics I have for this system, including shots of
> motherboard, add-on board for co-ax cable/IBM interface?  These are 600+ 
> byte images, but I have a fast server.  These are un-analyzed photos.
> Bill

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