Re: VCFe (C2N232I) availability

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2006-10-04 18:21:37

Hi Nicolas,

> I made a test with my CBM 8296, and only the bare C2N232I board will fit
> into the side port. No case, no IEC port. I don't have a 8032-SK, but
> I think it is similar (maybe with the side port on the left side instead
> of the right side).

I have both, and they are similar.  The board inside the 8032-SK is rotated
90 degrees counterclockwise (so the user port and the IEEE-488 port are
connected by cables to the back panel), and the cassette port #1 is on the
left side.  Port #2 is on the right side of the 8296D (a.k.a. CBM 220).

In other words, I guess I need a caseless adapter and a full-featured one
for my personal use.


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