Re: RE: Using ST-225 in a CBM D9090 hard drive
Date: 2006-10-04 16:30:41

Hallo Andre,

> However, as long as I do not get better schematics of the drive
> (than those that are on I don't see a chance for me
> to tune in.

Had a quick look but didn't find any SCH that soon. But no worry, have a 
look at these:

Thes last two are the most important ones (IMHO).

An update on my progress repairing the 9060's:
The one that got damaged during the formatting has only one erorous bit, 
bit 3 to be exactly. The stupid thing is that when I give the command 
<open1,8,15,"n:abcdefghi": close1>, replace the board and do a DIRECTORY, I 
get "hijklmnhi" as header. So IMHO bit 3 seems to be stuck to (H) in one or 
another way. But then IMHO more things should have gone wrong like writing 
the BAM etc.
So I replaced ALL buffers, the 6522, 6502, 5810 and the EPROM; no result. 

Does anyone have any idea? PLEASE?

For Bill: I only have 19429 free blocks. Hmmm, why 12 less ??? (not meant 
as complaint)

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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