Rebadged PETs (was: VCFe (C2N232I) availability)

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2006-10-05 00:20:42

On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> the 8032-SK [..] the 8296D (a.k.a. CBM 220).

A bit off-topic, but I find the renaming a bit interesting:

8032-SK => PET 200 (also known as CBM 200)
8296    => PET 600 (not to be confused with CBM 600 series)
8296D   => CBM 220

Some sources claim the PET 600 should be a 8096-SK, but I've seen several
machines at the same place. One said 8032-SK on the back side, and all the
other (three-four machines) said 8296. I realize it is easy to replace the
top half so there could be many variations on the same label.

If there had existed a 8064, I suppose it would've been renamed PET 400.
What I don't understand is the model number 220, if that comes from a
different business division of Commodore. PET 600D would have made more
sense to me. Does the CBM 220 exist outside of Finland? Perhaps at one
market the reseller (e.g. Datatronic here) rather thought a 8296 with
external disk drives would be possible to sell, while the importer in
another market thought the opposite?

An Italian wikipedia article lists a CBM 210 as well. Jim Brain has it on
his canonical list as well, but only question marks. From what I can see,
these rebranded PETs are missing from Bo's collection, but maybe it is due
to they only were available in Europe?

Cameron's SWoC only lists PET 200 as an "unusual rounded model, basically
a rebadged 8032-SK". I thought all the separate keyboard PETs were equally
rounded, and only the front badge makes this one different from another

Anders Carlsson

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