Re: 8250 and C64 disks

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2006-04-16 13:21:09

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> I will have a look at your nasty file creation problem. Did you try to
> specify a filename without a path, so the current directory is used? I also
> had no trouble when the current directory was in e.g. c:\diskimage and I
> called the program from there, e.g. "c:\bin\imgrd testdisk".

The problem was caused by having only 8 character reserved for the 
filename. You are supposed to enter only the name, without a path or 
extension. The extension is added automatically based on the disk type.

I "fixed" this and you can now specify a path as well. The version can 
be downloaded here:

I had a look at the 4040 problem as well. It seems I use a ROM vector 
that does not exist in the 4040 DOS. I will have to rewrite my code to 
use RAM variables directly, because the RAM locations are equal enough 
in all dual drives. At least I hope so.

I also tried to repair my 4040, without success so far. I checked the 

1. repaired power cable
2. 3 blinks. $E DOS ROM bad, replaced.
3. 5 blinks. checked 6504 (swapped with a printer). checked 6530 
(swapped with SFD1001), even made a 2716 EPROM for the adaptor board 
from the SFD. No success.

Does anyone have an idea what can cause 5 blinks on a 4040 besides the 
disk controller CPU (6504) and RAM/ROM (6530)?


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