xa 2.3.0 released (and dxa 0.1.0)

From: Cameron Kaiser (spectre_at_floodgap.com)
Date: 2006-04-12 08:27:22

After a very long time, xa 2.3.0 is released, the latest version of Andre
Fachat's 6502 cross-assembler package for 6502, R65C02 and 65816. This
version includes multiple bug fixes (particularly for @ casting to 24-bit
in 65816 mode, proper warnings and management of forward-defined labels,
last line w/o a new line now gets assembled correctly), some cleanup, and new
man-based documentation. There are also various other custodial fixes
documented in the unified ChangeLog. This should now be considered the sole
supported version.

In addition, xa will in the future be accompanied by dxa, its companion
disassembler. This is a rudely hacked version of Marko Makela's d65 0.2.1
with some extra output features added, altered defaults, some repaired bugs
and the ability to parse and understand xa-format label files. It does not
yet support 65816 opcodes and probably has some other bugs, so it is a
separate download so far. This will be (slowly) worked on and then eventually
merged into the formal xa distribution.

Both packages are in ANSI C and are available under GPL from


Please report any bugs and my apologies for the long delay in getting this out.

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