Re: reading status channel in ML
Date: 2006-04-11 23:34:27

On 2006-04-11, at 02:36, Steve Judd wrote:

OK. Thank you guys for the replies! I eventually found a smart bug in  
another (executed earlier) part of the code, which caused the  
unexpected behaviour here. The bug caused that the file #15 (the one  
I use for status channel) was not always closed properly, which  
explains why putting some CLALLs here and there helped and also why  
the $b7 had to be messed with... Gosh, I spent whole night kludging  
this around (and eventually finding the kludge combination that  
worked) as I saw no apparent reason for it not to work as expected...

> So, I wonder if you can provide more detail?  One stupid question:  
> when
> you open the file, do you open "filename" or open "filename,p,r"?

In the moment of serious doubt I even tried both forms ;-)

> One other thing: I looked through the roms and the only place I see  
> used is in the warm start, error printing, and INPUT#/GET#.  So the  
> kernal
> method is to call it after reading a char, e.g. before closing.

Could you elaborate a bit?

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