Re: How good is "disksuck" by Highlander/FLT ?
Date: 2006-03-01 13:23:05

On 2006-02-27, at 23:52, wrote:

> Hi dudes!
> I'm still struggling with the ever-present problem, i.e.  
> transfering (lots of)
> disks from c-64 to PC. I heard there was a software/hardware  
> combination called
> "Disksuck" written by Highlander/FLT. It is said to be very fast.
> So I ask: Has anybody tried this piece of soft+hardware? How good,  
> reliable and
> fast is it?

Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question but got  
interested in what prevents you from using the more common solutions.  
I mean XM/XA cable, Warpcopy, C2N232 or so. I mean what problems you  
have there so that you are "struggling" rather than doing it. I  
presume you are not trying to archive the heavily protected originals?

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