Re: IEEE 488 used to connect at PC directly to SFD 1001
Date: 2006-03-01 13:42:12

On 2006-03-01, at 10:35, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:

> 2. with "advancing" PC technique, you will get more and more problems
>    installing DOS (or Win 95/98) on them. I have heard (!) people have
>    problems installing DOS on very large HDs.

I once spent an almost unjustifiable amount of time to get it there -  
especially for SC. There was no floppy at the time in that machine.  
It didn't want to boot from a USB floppy, the disks I had were not  
good for DOS (it didn't want to install properly there) I tried to  
set up a partition for DOS on a 160GB (I think) drive - no, it didn't  
work and so on, etc. I ended up getting an old 520MB drive and  
installing it there from a SCSI Syquest cartridge (for some resons it  
didn't want to work from the cart itself) and managed to have it  
working. I still have the disk in a removable rack so that I _can_  
boot the DOS and have SC ready. The problem is that I practically  
never _want_ to do it as normally the machine goes on 24/7 and should  
I be putting it down to reboot into DOS to make some SC operations??!

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