Re: IEEE 488 used to connect at PC directly to SFD 1001
Date: 2006-03-01 13:33:10

On 2006-02-28, at 21:02, wrote:

> Vice is a different thing because with emulation there is no external
> device putting a pressure on you. OK, I know that the new version can
> handle external drives as well buy IMHO it was only possible by  
> using the
> massive power of nowadays processors. I wonder if it could be done  
> with,
> let's say, a 100 MHz Pentium-1.

It can be done even on an Amiga 500. The trick is to use well timed  
and predictable interrupt handling rather than bit polling. And of  
course this approach is somewhat more demanding (and possibly  
challenging for the programmers) than plain polling loops but that's  
the way it should be done in modern systems. People who grew up on  
DOS usually have problems with this approach and the "bossy" OS ;-)  
For people who grew up programming Amigas (remember? Amigas  
multitasked way before PCs ever dreamed about they first usable GUI  
shell) - it's just the most natural way.

> A personal note: there are a lot of discussions going on about "why  
> doesn't
> Star Commander run under XP?" and "how can we can we make it work  
> under
> XP". It works perfectly under DOS. So I have a 486-80 MHz doing  
> this for me
> running under W98-DOS. And if I need to exchange files, I start up  
> the GUI
> to be able to use my network. Really no Windows version of SC  
> needed, I
> think.

Yes, but you are still in the minority of people running 98-DOS... To  
me personally there is also no need for Windows (2000/XP) version of  
SC as I a) don't use Windows, b) worked out other methods of  
transferring data between the CBMs and the modern machines. But for  
the majority of people - it would be useful.

The most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing  
and to watch someone else doing it wrong, without commenting.   --  
T.H. White

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