Re: IEEE 488 used to connect at PC directly to SFD 1001

From: Claus Just Rasmussen (
Date: 2006-02-26 11:03:15

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 Hi Ruud, wrote:

    Hallo Claus,

        Meaning that you've been working on an integration with IEEE
        interfaces in general,

    No, only my own interfaces. The funny thing is, integrating my interfaces 
    wasn't the problem. The problem was to find where to integrate them. SC is 
    written in Turbo Vision, an event driven Turbo Pascal. And no form to guide 
    you like in Delphi.

  OK. Yes, it's sometimes rather hard to modify others source!

        (if using 'standard' calls)?!

    Nope, everything is really hardware orientated. For example I have routines 
    like ByteOut, ByteIn, AtnLoIEEE, NrfdLo, EoiHi etc. The source coming with 
    my IEEE card only enable you to give complete commands like OPEN, GET etc. 
    This is one of the reasons I haven't integrated that card. Another reason: 
    It makes no sense to write SW for a card hard to find (IMHO).

  I agree! Then again - if we had some standard API, then it would make
  sense to support that in apps like SC. And then to support them when
  drivers are made to IEEE cards or the IEEE simulations done. Would in
  the longer run make things easier. But that's more theory than
  practice, I know :-)

        I can do that, but it would of course be easier if it isn't needed

    To make things promising, the most simple version is my basic cable plus 
    three diodes, some resistors and three transistors.

  OK. And the diodes etc to be added to the cable ?!

      Especially if it isn't stable?!

    Ehhhh? What isn't stable? My SW is AFAIK.

  Sorry! I ment my IEEE card. My impression is that the NI IEEE 488 I
  have isn't too reliable - from a mail I saw earlier.


        What's possible with the current code? What's missing?

    The code is quite complete. OK, certain things are impossible like M-E; it 
    is an simulator, not an emulator. I can even use the DOS-partition but then 
    commands like setting the track/sector cannot be used anymore. What I'm 
    working on yet is to be able to use Commodore names under DOS.

  That would be neat!

  BTW: My impression is that the 'Commodore-related' PC software are
  all running under DOS, sometimes W95 but never WinXP. Except for the
  Vice emulators. Is that true?


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