Re: IEEE 488 used to connect at PC directly to SFD 1001

From: Claus Just Rasmussen (
Date: 2006-02-26 11:08:16

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks!! I'd be very happy to be able to test it! My fear right now is 
that the old disks are getting too old to be readable, so my first task 
will be to save what can be saved.
(Next step could be to play more with my old 4016N (rebuilt into an 
8096+ edition me ;-) which cannot 'boot'.)

The PC I'm using with my NI-card is pure DOS right now. This is because 
I'm using WinXP only these days, and I got rid of my Win98 CD some time 
ago - so I'm not able to build a W98 machine. I can see that I should 
consider to find a W98 again then :-)


Nicolas Welte wrote:
> Hi Claus,
> I also have the PcII/IIa. This card has been absolutely stable for me 
> this far, but it isn't very fast and straighforward for SFD1001 
> support. My software can read single and double sided disks into 
> images. I can send you this software if you like to test it.
> So far it works for me only with the Windows driver active, on a Win98 
> machine. My software is written for DOS and uses the DOS compatibility 
> layer of the driver. For some reason, I couldn't get it running with 
> older NI GPIB cards which only have the DOS driver.
> Nicolas
> Claus Just Rasmussen wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a project, trying to get all my Commodore (8250) discs 
>> transferred to PC.
>> I've got a IEEE-488 interface card (ISA, GPIB PCIIA) + Commodore disc 
>> drive (SFD 1001) available, but lack 'something' to make it work.
>> Question 1: Where can I find SW to do that? (Supporting the National 
>> Instruments GPIB-PCII//IIA interface board?)
>> Question 2: How do I get the discs transferred (the easiest way) if 
>> not using the GPIB card?
>> I can understand, from what Nicolas Welte writes, that these cards 
>> aren't especially stable?! Or?
>> Best regards
>> Claus
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Claus Just Rasmussen

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