Re: C library for d64 handling

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2005-10-11 12:22:26

>>>>> "SD" == silverdr  <> writes:

SD> Some time ago there was a "submit url" link or so on Google.

Right, but that's just for submitting URL:s that aren't found by
Google's web spider - the problem is that my new pages aren't ranked
very high. By contrast my old student web page that has been up for
over 10 years gets ranked very high.

SD> anyway I was also using the wrong keywords as I though it had
SD> "d64" somewhere in its name or description and "C library d64 disk
SD> images" wasn't the right hit for sure.

Interesting, "D64" is not anywhere on that page, and it's probably the
most likely keyword that people will use. I should probably add it
somewhere on the page...

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