Re: C library for d64 handling
Date: 2005-10-10 21:38:13

On 2005-10-10, at 09:19, MagerValp wrote:
> s> I recall that there was a ready to use lib for d64s. I am sorry but
> s> I forgot who wrote that lib that I have once read about... Quick
> s> googling didn't reveal any interesting results. Could someone tell
> s> me where can I find it?
> I need to work on getting google to find my project pages on
> paradroid...

Some time ago there was a "submit url" link or so on Google. I think  
it is no more easily accessible and even if I found that link once by  
accident - it still didn't index what I wanted... anyway I was also  
using the wrong keywords as I though it had "d64" somewhere in its  
name or description and "C library d64 disk images" wasn't the right  
hit for sure. The same for "diskimage library commodore" and so on...  
Anyway got it now. BTW. I just "luv" your front page on paradroid!  
It's really funny idea!

Think different, God Damn It!

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