Re: drive-side routine
Date: 2005-10-10 21:25:54

On 2005-10-10, at 08:53, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:

>>> Do you have a binary of this code?
>> Well, I can assemble it with one command so the answer is "yes" :-)
>> Or do you want the one it's derived from? Mine is already partially
>> rewritten in places I found important for further development. Of
>> course I can send you both too ;-) Should I send it to  
> Yes, as I don't think both versions take megabytes of data, please  
> send
> me both.
> Of course, if you have some source, this might be insightfull, too.

Sent you both and the sources. Please note that in the assembled  
version you have to turn off the verify in "options" as this is the  
one, which doesn't include the EORs. you'll notice it in the sources.  
I replaced them with LDA $6000. This will allow you to write the disk  
back. If you don't do it - you'll get "write errors", which is OK in  
this case. The problem with VICE is that it gives WRITE ERRORs even  
when the EORs are in place. Please ask for explanations if I am not  
making myself clear and if you happen get it working properly in  
VICE, please let me know.


  Every programmer knows the answer: $2b or (not $2b) is $ff.

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