Re: drive-side routine - mystery solved...
Date: 2005-10-06 20:09:52

Seems that one short session on the real hardware, where I was able  
to promptly check everything, cleared the remaining doubts  

On 2005-10-05, at 12:09, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:

>> That's another interesting thing. You mean the status of the port
>> bits on $1801 is a kind of "latched" one and the same bits are real-
>> time accessible at $180f?
> Yes, exactly. It does not have to be latched, you can enable or  
> disable
> it.
> I only noticed (was bitten) this once when I had a problem with the DC
> ($1C01) where the first byte was always wrong. I found out that LDA
> $1C01; LDA $1C01 immediately one after the other fixed that.

This is a very important hint!


>>> While the floppy perform the BVC *,
>>> the C64 has enough time to put the next value into the port which is
>>> read by the 1541 via the EOR $1801 again.
>> The weak point for me here is the LDA $1801. It happens immediately
>> after sending the handshake, for which the 64 waits. What is then
>> being read? Since 1541 is faster than the 64, chances are that the
>> port is being read before 64 puts the next value on the port, am I
>> right? Race condition comes to mind...
> Well, the C64 cannot react that fast. This is impossible, as both
> 6502/6510 run at almost the same speed, and the C64 is waiting in a
> loop. Thus, you read the old value.

Seems correct - and important.

> Why did the programmer add the LDA? I don't know. Perhaps, he wanted a
> delay of 3 cycles? Perhaps, he wanted to confuse others?

It seems for clearing the "latch". When I replaced EOR:LDA with  
LDA:LDA (on both sides) everything worked as properly. But when I  
removed the LDA immediately after the handshake, leaving only one as  
I would normally do - it no longer worked reliably. My current best  
guess is that it has to do with what has once bitten you.

> To be honest, I don't know why the programmer chose to use EOR.  
> These take
> exactly the same time and space as LDAs.

Once I got the above working, I rechecked the whole flow again and  
found out that he does a primitive checksumming with those EORs and  
then "verifies" the checksums if that option is enabled, which I  
didn't use earlier. Now I set it as default for further actions.

Thanks to all of you guys, Spiro being the first in line as without  
those few hints I would certainly have spent more time trying to  
figure those out.

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