Re: C= chips

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2005-09-25 18:54:22

Hársfalvi Levente wrote:

> Guys!,
> I stumbled upon a local PC shop that offers a limited but still 
> interesting stock of C= chips... at a pretty low price. I'm now 
> hesitating about buying the full stock... some of you have made such 
> movements in the past, that's why I'm hesitating just here =-) .
> In short, the offered chips are mostly 6510, 6530, 6569, 8565, 8566, 
> 8721, 8722, Vic-20 Basic/Kernal roms, 1541 roms, Plus/4 PLAs, maybe, 
> C64 B/NE "old" and "new" fat PLAs, some Amiga 1.3 Kickstart ROMs.

I think the non ROM ICs would be worth picking up, but the ROMs are so 
easy to replace with EPROMs, I think those are of academic value only.

If no one else says so, let me know and I'll consider buying the lot 
(minus ROMS) to save here.


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