C= chips

From: Hársfalvi Levente (hlpublic_at_freestart.hu)
Date: 2005-09-25 14:05:26


I stumbled upon a local PC shop that offers a limited but still 
interesting stock of C= chips... at a pretty low price. I'm now 
hesitating about buying the full stock... some of you have made such 
movements in the past, that's why I'm hesitating just here =-) .

In short, the offered chips are mostly 6510, 6530, 6569, 8565, 8566, 
8721, 8722, Vic-20 Basic/Kernal roms, 1541 roms, Plus/4 PLAs, maybe, C64 
B/NE "old" and "new" fat PLAs, some Amiga 1.3 Kickstart ROMs. ...Some 
used, some brand new. I've already purchased some (could leave no 6530s 
there of course :-) ) . I could probably buy the full stock for ~EUR 
100-200 or so. Question is, if I should do that. I don't need such 
amount of spare C= chips myself ;-) . Buying, stocking is of no problem. 
The real question is, if I'd buy gems ;-), or a handful of useless 
plastic junk. If there's no need for such chips, then it's junk. Do you 
think that anybody, in general, may still be in need of some of them?

...Nope, I don't want to make money out of this; I just want to know, if 
I should consider buying the chips, or not. If they could possibly be 
used in the future, by anyone, then the answer is yes; else, no.

Best Regards!,


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