Re: C= chips

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2005-09-26 13:00:31

Levente, Jim,

> >I stumbled upon a local PC shop that offers a limited but still 
> >interesting stock of C= chips... at a pretty low price. I'm now 
> >hesitating about buying the full stock... some of you have made such 
> >movements in the past, that's why I'm hesitating just here =-) .
> >
> >In short, the offered chips are mostly 6510, 6530, 6569, 8565, 8566, 
> >8721, 8722, Vic-20 Basic/Kernal roms, 1541 roms, Plus/4 PLAs, maybe, 
> >C64 B/NE "old" and "new" fat PLAs, some Amiga 1.3 Kickstart ROMs.
> I think the non ROM ICs would be worth picking up, but the ROMs are so 
> easy to replace with EPROMs, I think those are of academic value only.

I second that.  If nobody picks the chips up, they may soon end up in
trash.  In a few decades, you may find the chips useless, but meanwhile,
the collection will help in extending the life of some computers.

> If no one else says so, let me know and I'll consider buying the lot 
> (minus ROMS) to save here.

I'd prefer the chips to stay with Levente in Hungary, because the
postage rates there are likely to be much lower than other parts
of the C= collecting world.  I'm happy to donate, say, 50 EUR, to the
"chip rescue fund", in the hope that if/when I'm going to need spare
parts, they will be available.

BTW, last week I repaired the rear hub of my oldest bicycle.
It's a Sturmey-Archer AB (three-speed with cable-operated drum brake)
manufactured in September 1965.  From my bike dealer, I got an
unused replacement from January 1973.  I replaced the guts, and it
works like new.  This is not the first time I have acquired some other
obsolete spare parts from him.  I'm very pleased that not everyone
throws away things that may seem worthless.


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