AW: Does a nibbler for a CBM 8250 exist?

From: Jan Janssen (
Date: 2005-08-19 08:45:23

If I had a 2031 i would have done it that way! And if this ever works you
will get copies of all the disks I can get. Is the keyboard problem solved

The IEEE interface would help! If you have emutil running I could bring my
c900 disks and we could try it in one of your CBMs?

Does emutil only run on a CBM 80xx? I only have a 4016?! Probably the C900
only has an other DOS?! The example with the linux disk was not the best.
The pc drives are stupid drives and nearly do what ever they are told to do
but with the CBMs you have to handle with the DOS. Is emutil a nibbler?

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