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Date: 2005-08-19 11:05:55

On 2005-08-19, at 03:08, Richard wrote:

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>> Making the board wouldn't probably be that difficult as writing the
>> firmware for it... [...]
> You miss the point.  I don't have time to make boards.

I was only adding to your lack of time to make the board - that you  
would need even much more time writing the firmware. The board could  
possibly be designed by several persons on this forum within two  
evenings but I think nobody would take on the task of quickly writing  
firmware for it. Therefore I wasn't saying "go and make the board"  
but rather "even if you had the time to make the board - you wouldn't  
get any use of it without the firmware".

As Groepaz suggested: check C2N232 - it certainly won't be as fast as  
IDE64 but might be your best bet anyway.

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