CBM DOS1 (2040/3040 drives)

From: fachat (afachat_at_gmx.de)
Date: 2005-08-07 06:46:50

Hi all,

on Usenet I have found someone, Dave Gastelow, who was willing to
help out in reading the CBM DOS1 ROM codes, esp. including the
FDC disk controller code that is not yet in the archive.

In this process we found that the read6530.lst from the archive
(firmware/drives/old) does not work for DOS1 drives. So I rewrote
it to read the DOS1 drives as well.

Unfortunately Dave got a problem with his hardware, so we still 
only have an "approximate" readout :-(

So I would like to ask anyone with a 2040 or 3040 disk drive to 
check out their DOS version (Any DOS1 with 670 blocks free on a freshly
formatted disk is of interest here), and if it is not in the
archive (esp. the FDC)
check out the programs I put on
http://www.rzuser.uni-heidelberg.de/~fs1/dos1 (in binary and as 
listing), and upload the ROMs to the archive or send them
to me (with IC codes if possible please).

The "readfdc7" is to read the FDC ROM from a drive on unit 9 and write
it to drive 8. It does a seek on the drive, but does not write
anything and needs no disk. During the run, the disk drive from which
the ROM is read must be reset.
The "readdos" reads the upper 16k of the DOS address range ($c000-
$ffff) and write it to a file. It asks for the disk units and filename.
Both programs work on a Basic4 PET with a SFD1001, and run in a
Basic2 (3032 PET) with a DOS1 disk, although you probably want
to remove the first printout of the disk status.

Then we can finally put this issue of the missing ROM to rest :-)

Thanks in advance!

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