Re: Fett OT (was Re: Verkantet in English)

From: Groepaz (
Date: 2005-07-25 03:24:09

On Sunday 24 July 2005 17:15, Olaf Seibert wrote:
> On Mon 18 Jul 2005 at 16:54:57 +0200, Rainer Buchty wrote:
> > Back in the days we would have said "geil" instead (which was
> > climaxed rather creative, i.e. geil, affengeil, turboaffengeil -- only
> > uninspired people used "voll geil" :)
> which always amuses us Dutch people, since the Dutch word "geil"
> (prodounced differently than the German, but it's close enough for the
> purpose) means "horny" and not something you say in polite conversation.

same in just changed meaning in the 80s. can be compared with 
the english word "gay" which originally means "happy", not "homosexual".


Wenn eine vom Kopienräuber geraubte Kopie eine Raubkopie ist, dann ist ein vom 
Kopiererräuber geraubter Kopierer ein Raubkopierer.

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