Please help: FCOPY PC 1.0 by TWA ? Weird version ?
Date: 2005-07-24 13:57:57

Hi dudes, 

I hope you can help me a bit. Obviously there are very weird modified versions 
of FCOPY around; yeah, I'm refering to this very famous fast and reliable 
parallel copy program, written by Thomas Tempelmann if I'm not mistaken 

I'm refering to actually two weird versions:

a) "Fcopy PC 1.0 by TWA"
Someone obviously made a link to the PC and added this into FCOPY functionality, 
but the link must be very weird. I disassembled the code and it would toggle and 
wiggle a lot of $dc00/$dc01 registers; the code is at $4000-4200. 
This means someone obviously constructed a very weird PC-to-c64-Joystickport 
connector. Whilst it is clear that this would be able to transfer data from PC 
to the 64, it is beyond my imagination how this hardware would ever allow one to 
transfer data from the 64 to the PC, since the joyports are, naturally, 
Can anyone enlighten me about this weird Fcopy version, how it works, what sort 
of additional cable to PC it needs, how fast the transfer is, etc. ?

b) Fcopy for a strange Ram expansion
I also saw an FCOPY that lets one select between 4 "banks"; obviously refering 
to RAM expansion banks, but none of the wellknown REUs like the commodore 1764, 
commodore 1750 etc. 
What REU banks is it refering to? What sort of REU is that?

Anyone enlightening me on these subjects, please post. :-)


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