Re: uIEC project update

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2005-07-07 16:11:21

I'd appreciate any feedback on the newest PCB design.  The design also 
has the advantage of bringing out all of the ATMEGA128 IO lines to 
headers, so the board can be used as a general purpose prototype board 
if needed.

I placed pics of the v2r2 board on the web site:

Changes since r1:

As noted, I used a TSOP package for SRAM, which is hard to solder by
hand.  r2 has a SOJ32/4, which should be very doable by hobbyists.

Changed to the final CF connector Unfortunately, this
connector (and the others I found) are longer than the test one I was
using, so the board expanded to 2.5" by 3".  It still looks to fit in
the DTV, though :-)

Numerous touchups to minimize wire length, make sure ground plane
coverage was good, and minimize number of vias.

Added 2 pins to IO connector.

Flipped LEDs and resistor locations in schematic, so resistor is after
LED.  That way, you can ditch the LED and grab the actual LED signal
from the LED pin.

Had to move the IDE connector another .1" away from the PARALLEL
connector.  Test fittings showed .2" is not enough spacing.  .3" is good
enough, though still tight.

Moved both LEDs to one side.

Made the CF connector overhang the board .1".  Thus, if you butt the PCB
up to a plastic case, the CF connector will just peek through the opening.

Prepped labels for silkscreening.


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