Re: Please help: FCOPY PC 1.0 by TWA ? Weird version ?

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2005-07-24 20:42:12 wrote:

>a) "Fcopy PC 1.0 by TWA"
>Someone obviously made a link to the PC and added this into FCOPY functionality, 
>but the link must be very weird. I disassembled the code and it would toggle and 
>wiggle a lot of $dc00/$dc01 registers; the code is at $4000-4200. 
>This means someone obviously constructed a very weird PC-to-c64-Joystickport 
>connector. Whilst it is clear that this would be able to transfer data from PC 
>to the 64, it is beyond my imagination how this hardware would ever allow one to 
>transfer data from the 64 to the PC, since the joyports are, naturally, 
Naturally, they are not.  They are read write ports.  I think the cable 
does nybble copying to the PC parallel port, which is also read/write on 
most newer parallel port implementations.

To all:  I've heard this myth of joyports being read-only often.  Is it 
because the joysticks are read-only?


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