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From: Jordi Delgado (
Date: 2005-01-28 18:40:16


First of all, thanks a lot for your answers. 

> > Hmm, does your 8296 have a separate keyboard, or is it integrated?
> I could be wrong but the 8296 is only available in the SK version.

Mine has a separate keyboard.

> > I'd like to know the answer too.  How is the extra memory accessed?
> > Is the mechanism same on the SuperPET?
> You're kidding, you really don't know? ....... Hmmm, strange. I thought the
> information could be found on FUNET but I only found the German LOS-96 docs.
> They explain some things but if you don't understand German, it means
> nothing to you. I made a note to go through my library to see what I can
> find.
> But to be honest, I never used the extra memory myself. 

No, I don't understand German. I think I will open my machine
and find out the amount of memory my 8296 has (but I still don't
know how to use that memory).

> > - I would like to program the 8296 in assembly language, using the
> > 8296 (not a cross-development system). Is this possible?
> What is against a cross-compiler? I can imagine a person riding horse. But
> does that mean (s)he has to use it to travel from New York to Washington? I
> already used my own PC assembler for coding for the C64 in the 80's: XT: 256
> KB RAM, the 80*25 screen and (later) harddisk versus C64: 52 KB RAM, 40*25
> and floppy. 

Yes, yes. But I want to use the cbm. I have nothing against cross-compilers,
it's just that I want to sit in front of that marvelous machine and work
with it. Since I'm a programmer, the first thing that comes to my mind to
work with the 8296 is programming. That's all. It's like a hobby. I don't
intend (for now) to do anything useful, just enjoy the sound of the keys,
the screen,... It's what I like to do in some of my spare time.
(Is it so strange? :-))

BTW, someone mentioned the TIM you get by doing SYS 1024. Its use is detailed
in the PET FAQ. 
Now, Let's suppose you enter a program using the Monitor (after
getting the hex code from assembling it in another computer), then, how to save
it in a disk? and how to load it again? Should the program start in any
special way to be loaded in some memory location? 

> Question for all: is there a list where you can find software for the

That's a good question...

> Jordi, what Z80 machines do you have? Beside the 65xxx I'm interested in the
> Z80 as well. Have some Z80 machines as well like the ZX81, Spectrum,
> Bondwell 14 (CP/M) and more. Even build my own Micro-Professor
> ( before acquiring an
> original one.

You have a Bondwell 14? Wow! That's a nice CP/M machine, with a speech 
synthesizer. I have a TRS-80 Model 4D with 3.5" drives, a TRS-80 Model 4P
(also with 3.5" drives and upgraded to 128K so that the 4D and the 4P are
essentially the same machine), a ZX Spectrum (+ and 2+, you know, with
and without the cassette) and a DEC Rainbow 190 (a dual machine, with a
Z80 and a 8088 to run it with CP/M 80/86 or MS-DOS; this one is the last
of the Rainbow 100 series, and it is relatively rare).

That's all. Thanks again for your help.



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