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From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) (
Date: 2005-01-28 11:51:47

Hallo Jordi, Marko,

> Just kidding: also Commodore has used the Z80 in the C128, and ....

Not to be forgotten: I have still this Z80 board at home that was found
inside a non-working 8032-SK.

> However, the 8296 is one of the most beautiful machines I've ever seen!

I completely agree. I only knew of the C64, C128 and VIC-20 until I saw a
8032-SK. The owner had two and sold my wife one for my birthday. I have now
quite a collection of these pre-C64 machines. 

> Hmm, does your 8296 have a separate keyboard, or is it integrated?

I could be wrong but the 8296 is only available in the SK version.

> I'd like to know the answer too.  How is the extra memory accessed?
> Is the mechanism same on the SuperPET?

You're kidding, you really don't know? ....... Hmmm, strange. I thought the
information could be found on FUNET but I only found the German LOS-96 docs.
They explain some things but if you don't understand German, it means
nothing to you. I made a note to go through my library to see what I can
But to be honest, I never used the extra memory myself. 

> - I would like to program the 8296 in assembly language, using the
> 8296 (not a cross-development system). Is this possible?

What is against a cross-compiler? I can imagine a person riding horse. But
does that mean (s)he has to use it to travel from New York to Washington? I
already used my own PC assembler for coding for the C64 in the 80's: XT: 256
KB RAM, the 80*25 screen and (later) harddisk versus C64: 52 KB RAM, 40*25
and floppy. 

> but that assumes the existence of an editor, an assembler, etc.

I don't know of any assembler etc. for the CBM's, certainly not of one
especially for the 8x96. In fact, I don't have many programs for the CBM's
at all. I sent a copy of the English ones I have to Marko. Never mentioned
here I think, but I also have some Dutch programs. In one case a program
developed for a dentist but also some big programs for bookkeeping and other
office things. I still intend to go through all the floppies I have but
until now always something came between :( (I'm sorry but I favour hardware
above software)

Question for all: is there a list where you can find software for the

> I'm the author of the C2N232, .....

If you don't mind to do a bit of soldering, I developed a drive emulator for
the PET/CBM. For several years I hoped a cable between the LPT-port and
IEEE-port was enough but at the end it was inevitable that a little bit of
hardware was needed: one TTL-IC in this case. Runs the best on an older PC,
like a Pentium-I, with a bi-directional LPT-port and a COM-port. If you can
lay your hands on a original IBM LPT/RS232 ISA-card, the better. you can
hack this card on a very simple way that the only a canle is needed. 
I myself use a Pentium-III 450 Mhz with ISA-slots for this purpose.

But what about PRLINK (just came to my mind, never used it)? That was the
program Marko advised before inventing the C2N232.

Jordi, what Z80 machines do you have? Beside the 65xxx I'm interested in the
Z80 as well. Have some Z80 machines as well like the ZX81, Spectrum,
Bondwell 14 (CP/M) and more. Even build my own Micro-Professor
( before acquiring an
original one.

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