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From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2005-01-28 19:13:49


Jordi Delgado wrote:
>>You're kidding, you really don't know? ....... Hmmm, strange. I thought the
>>information could be found on FUNET but I only found the German LOS-96 docs.
>>They explain some things but if you don't understand German, it means
>>nothing to you. I made a note to go through my library to see what I can
>>But to be honest, I never used the extra memory myself. 
> No, I don't understand German. I think I will open my machine
> and find out the amount of memory my 8296 has (but I still don't
> know how to use that memory).

No need to open the machine, I searched Funet and found the docs in English:

It says:
The CBM 8296 is an expanded version of the CBM 8032, and is fully
software compatible with the CBM 8096. Where the hardware is con-
cerned, there are some amendments and additional options, since
the CBM 8296 has a total of 128 k RAM. The plug arrangements are
also slightly different.

> Now, Let's suppose you enter a program using the Monitor (after
> getting the hex code from assembling it in another computer), then, how to save
> it in a disk? and how to load it again? Should the program start in any
> special way to be loaded in some memory location? 

Yes, maybe it's best if you first write a BASIC program that starts your ML 
program. Just write:

2005 SYS 1030

Then go to TIM and look at the memory from $400 and search for the three 
zeros that mark the BASIC end. After the three zeros, not the address, 
convert it to decimal and change your program SYS to represent this value. 
Now assemble happily to this address, and after you finish, save your program 
  starting from $401, then you can later LOAD and RUN it from BASIC.


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