Re: Idea on Internet access from C64/C128

From: Leif Bloomquist (
Date: 2005-01-02 19:16:29

Christian Johansson wrote:

> I read on that it is possible to 
> use email, Usenet and the web with telnet. I found this very 
> interesting. Then, it would be possible to write a C64/C128 program that 
> sends the commands listed on the just mentioned page over a null-modem 
> cable to a PC. The PC could then send the received commands just as if 
> they had been entered on a telnet client on the PC (I'm not sure what 
> kind of PC software that is needed for this.)

That's kind of what Jeff Ledger is getting at with his CML project, but 
he's invented his own CBM-specific protocol rather than implement the 

Alternately, the PC could be running a PPP/SLIP server, or something 
like Jim Brain's TCPSer or my BBS Server.  The latter two are really 
modem emulators, but they do provide the null-modem<->Telnet link you're 
looking for.

But once you have Telnet on the C64, why not just Telnet to a Linux box 
and use Lynx etc?  </devil's advocate>


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