Re: Idea on Internet access from C64/C128

From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2005-01-02 19:24:22

Christian Johansson dnia 02 sty 2005 o 18:05 +0100 napisał:
> A) How to configure the PC to make it possible for the C64/C128 to act 
> as a telnet client. I think that Adam has described in his Usenet 
> message how to do this when you use Lunix on the C64/C128.

Telnet client is a program that basically sends data that you type and
displays respones from the remote end. For email/usenet/www services the
protocols are plain text so it is no problem for a human to just use telnet
instead of special client programs.
The proper use of telnet client is to connect to telnet service - gaining
access to a command shell. Then you can use host computer text mode programs.
(for email/usenet/www too)

The PC that is between your C64 and the rest of internet provides only
conectivity between them. In case of LUnix it passes packets of data around,
possibly changing addresses (in case of NAT). For 64net/2 (which is something
like 64hdd) a special server program awaits for requests from C64 - either for
files, contents of disk images or network.

So, for Contiki with ethernet your PC would just need to have proper NAT and
routing configured. LUnix would require your PC to accept SLIP or PPP
connections over rs232. That my 64net/2 thing requires a special server
running and either rs232 or custom parallel cable.

> B) If anybody has implemented special clients for email, Usenet etc. to 
> use on the C64/C128 once it can be used as a telnet client. I think that 
> you have answered this, at least partly, by writing that the latest 
> version of Lunix has a simple email client. You also wrote about c64net, 
> which I think is another answer to my question but I'm not sure since I 
> only get PAGE NOT FOUND when I click on the link you provided.

I'm sorry, there was a typo. The correct URL is:
Don't expect too much though :(. That little BASIC program can only send
emails and that LUnix popclient can only download and save them.
There is quite a long way to an usable client.


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