Idea on Internet access from C64/C128

From: Christian Johansson (
Date: 2005-01-02 15:24:33

Hello everybody,

I read on that it is possible to 
use email, Usenet and the web with telnet. I found this very 
interesting. Then, it would be possible to write a C64/C128 program that 
sends the commands listed on the just mentioned page over a null-modem 
cable to a PC. The PC could then send the received commands just as if 
they had been entered on a telnet client on the PC (I'm not sure what 
kind of PC software that is needed for this.)

Here follows a Usenet message that Adam Dunkels wrote on comp.sys.cbm in 
2001 where he wrote that he "surfed the web" using Lunix by writing the 
telnet commands directly. However, on they write that this causes a "a 
degree of comfort the Spanish Inquisition would be proud of". Therefore, 
I wonder if somebody has already written a C64/C128 e-mail or Usenet 
program that sends the necessary telnet commands over a null-modem cable 
so that it doesn't have to be done manually.

Start of message from Adam Dunkels

"Lunix is a Unix-like operating system for the C64/C128 (and I believe an
Atari port is in progress). It has drivers for Swiftlink and userport
RS-232 interfaces and a TCP/IP stack with both PPP and SLIP support. Lunix
can be found at [].

I have been "surfing the web" using Lunix, but only in the Vice emulator
since I don't have access to any RS-232 interface for the C64.

Anyway, these are the steps that I took:

(On the PC)
1) Connected and configured the serial link between the C64 and the PC and
enabled SLIP.
2) Configured NAT.

(On the C64)
1) I loaded Lunix and started a shell (load "*",8, run, l sh)
2) I loaded the Swiftlink RS232 interface driver (swiftlink)
3) Started the SLIP driver with 2400 bits/sec (slip 2400 &)
4) Started the TCP/IP stack with IP address (tcpip According to some documentation on the Lunix homepage, this
address is hard coded into the binary and can only be changed by
recompiling the kernel.

Now, Lunix is connected to the PC using SLIP. It should now be possible to
do all kinds of TCP/IP stuff, such as "ping" from the PC,
"telnet 80" from the C64, etc.

In order to really reach the Internet from the C64, the PC will have to run
NAT (Network Address Translation) which basically translates the IP address to the globally unique IP address of the PC. It is also
possible to assign a global IP address to the C64 and recompile Lunix.

It is now possible to use the C64 to surf the web, send/read email,
post/read Usenet news, etc (don't expect too much, though! ;-). Look at
[] for some instructions how this
can be done.


/Christian Johansson

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