Re: Idea on Internet access from C64/C128

From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2005-01-02 16:41:42

Christian Johansson dnia 02 sty 2005 o 15:24 +0100 napisal:
> degree of comfort the Spanish Inquisition would be proud of". Therefore, 
> I wonder if somebody has already written a C64/C128 e-mail or Usenet 
> program that sends the necessary telnet commands over a null-modem cable 
> so that it doesn't have to be done manually.

I think there is a slight misunderstanding. The point of mentioned texts was
that once you have TCP/IP conectivity and a telnet client it is possible to
(manually) use it for sending emails etc. However, once you have that -
nothing stops you from writing specialized clients for those protocols.

> Start of message from Adam Dunkels
Adam is wrong at one point - IP number of C64 is not hardcoded. It may be
given explicitly for SLIP/PPP or assigned by PPP server.
Oh, and there is popclient program in the latest LUnix release - a simple POP3
mail reader.

There is one more approach: 64net/2 server gives access not only to host PC
filesystem and disk images, but also has a network device. This code lies
there unfinished but for start I have written a mailer in BASIC.
Once wedge is loaded it is as simple as OPEN1,10,1,"3:/server/services/smtp,n"
and then using PRINT# and INPUT#,GET# to exchange data.
(browse CVS->wedge->mailsend)


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