Re: A session with my VIC-20

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 1999-08-23 13:44:14

William Levak <> wrote:

> My service information shows a video level adjustment on the video 
> output from the VIC chip.  You may be overdriving the monitor.

Well, that is funny, as the signal obviously didn't overdrive
the monitor before it was fixed (and hooking it to my C64 will
produce the same effect, screen scrolls on light border colour).

> There are several versions of these cards. 

Frankly, I'm not sure what the manufactorer of my expansion memory
is, as I received it without the plastic encasing. There are some
numbers on it, but not enough for me to tell who made it.

> You will have to do a little experimenting.  You should not have 
> to build a new card, only replace some chips.  If your card has 
> driver chips or logic decoders, check these first.  A logic probe 
> is usually necessary.  Check the bank select lines and the most 
> significant bits of the address lines.  That should tell you
> which chips are working.

Ok. *sigh* I'd better ask someone in my neighbourhood that is 
better on that kind of diagnostics than me to help me. Although,
for a short while, I managed to get the 16K section working by 
pushing the card upwards or something, which I would believe is 
a sign of poor connectors. I was hoping someone on this list
would tell me I could apply some liquid metal or something and
get the pins as good as new again.. ;-)

Regarding Modem's pokes, I never tried that non-interlace poke,
but I always believed that was something that only applied to
NTSC VIC (and as I said above, the combo worked fine before).

/Anders Carlsson
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