Re: nicknames (Re: posting cables)

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 1999-08-18 14:03:48

Howard Herman <> wrote, in this off-topic thread:

> I think tortoises and turtles differ, but I am not sure of the
> particulars.  Maybe tortoises are big and old turtles?

Another difference might be that turtles either live in water or on 
your hi-resolution computer display (remember the Turtle graphics :)

Btw, all this talk about toads made me think of Buckner & Garcia's 
song "Froggy's Lament", a really nice one. (in case you never heard
of Buckner & Garcia, check out)

/Anders Carlsson, with one unnamed VIC20, one unnamed C64 and two
		  unnamed Amigas (plus an unnamed dead VIC20, an
		  unnamed dead C64 and one unnamed dead ZX Spectrum)
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