Re: nicknames (Re: posting cables)

From: John (
Date: 1999-08-18 14:12:23

>Are there any other nicknames for Commodore equipment? In
>Australia, some people call the C64 toad (for us non-native
>speakers: that's a very slow animal in a hard case that won the
>running competition against the rabbit in a fairy tale).

It's not everyone in Australia - just the ones from the Computer Club at
the University of Western Australia, and the name wasn't given because the
machine is slow (that's a tortise you're thinking of...).  The only
justification I ever heard for the name was "it's vaguely greenish and it
squats".  Make of that what you like...

C64s in general are called Toads.  The generic name was given many years
after one particular machine was called The Toad.

John West
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