Re: CBM Drive Mechanisms

From: William Levak (
Date: 1999-08-09 23:59:04

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> William Levak wrote:
> > 1541B/1541C(PCB ASSY 250448)   Newtronics          D500
> but I've heard of many that have an Alps mechanism, so add this line:
>                                  Alps                ?

Commodore documentation says specifically that this version uses a
Newtronics mechanism which is not compatible with the older 1541's.
The 1541 drive series has different system boards that can handle only one
or two drive mechanisms.  However, the boards may be put in any case, so
it is necessary identify the PCB ASSY number of the board that the drive
is attached to.

> > 1541-II                        Newtronics          D500
>                                  Chinon              ?
>                                  Digital System Inc  DS-50F
> See Ville Jouppi's homepage for this, he has pictures of the mech.

I have looked at these pictures.  I cannot tell from the pictures if
this is the drive mechanism label.  Various parts of drive mechanisms
have labels with serial numbers.  I also cannot find a Digital Systems
Inc that makes floppy drives.

The Newtronics D500 may be possible for this drive, but not very likely as
there was a newer version by this time.  On the other hand, Commodore
frequently used older parts.

Are these model numbers ones that you have seen yourself?  I prefer
first-hand identifications.

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