Re: CBM Drive Mechanisms

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-08-09 14:15:42

William Levak wrote:
> 1541B/1541C(PCB ASSY 250448)   Newtronics          D500
but I've heard of many that have an Alps mechanism, so add this line:
                                 Alps                ?

> 1541-II                        Newtronics          D500
                                 Chinon              ?
                                 Digital System Inc  DS-50F
See Ville Jouppi's homepage for this, he has pictures of the mech.

> 1570                           Alps                ?

I didn't know there were two versions of the Alps drive, so I'm not sure
which one was used in the 1570. Anyway it was modified with a track0 and
index sensor.

> 1571                           Alps                ?
>                                Newtronics          D502
> C128D                          Newtronics          D502

  C128DCR                        Newtronics          D502

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