Re: CBM Drive Mechanisms

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-08-10 14:00:16

William Levak wrote:
> > > 1541B/1541C(PCB ASSY 250448)   Newtronics          D500
> > but I've heard of many that have an Alps mechanism, so add this line:
> >                                  Alps                ?
> Commodore documentation says specifically that this version uses a
> Newtronics mechanism which is not compatible with the older 1541's.
> The 1541 drive series has different system boards that can handle only one
> or two drive mechanisms.  However, the boards may be put in any case, so
> it is necessary identify the PCB ASSY number of the board that the drive
> is attached to.

The documentation also says that some board versions (I think 250442)
can be configured with a single jumper to be compatible with either the
Alps or Newtronics drive. I don't own an Alps equipped 1541C myself,
both of mine have a track 0 sensor equipped Newtronics drive. But one of
them has the older board installed (250442, IIRC).

> > > 1541-II                        Newtronics          D500
> >                                  Chinon              ?
> >                                  Digital System Inc  DS-50F
> > See Ville Jouppi's homepage for this, he has pictures of the mech.
> >
> I have looked at these pictures.  I cannot tell from the pictures if
> this is the drive mechanism label.  Various parts of drive mechanisms
> have labels with serial numbers.  I also cannot find a Digital Systems
> Inc that makes floppy drives.
> The Newtronics D500 may be possible for this drive, but not very likely as
> there was a newer version by this time.  On the other hand, Commodore
> frequently used older parts.
> Are these model numbers ones that you have seen yourself?  I prefer
> first-hand identifications.

I have both the Newtronics and the Chinon version of the 1541-II, you
have to ask Ville himself about the Digital Systems version. The D500
used in the 1541-II has different plugs than the D500 used in the 1541
and 1541C. Also some D500 that were used in the 1541C were equipped with
the optical track 0 sensor. But all drives were labeled D500, AFAIR. I
will open up the 1541-II again, just to be sure.

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