Re: More CS-DOS Utilities (Was: 64'er (Was: CBM C65 and V364 pages))
Date: 1999-07-19 16:23:13

More CS-DOS utilities available from: 

CS-DOS Batch Files
Randy Winchester

This SFX contains several CS-DOS batch files and a help file with
hints and tips for creating batch files.

1    "cd"               seq     Updated 1581 Change Directory
4    "cd.txt"           seq     CD documentation
4    "dex"              seq     Rolodex application
10   "dex.doc"          seq     Documentation for DEX
1    "dex.txt"          seq     Sample Rolodex file
1    "dobat"            seq     Batch file for updating batch files
3    "dobat.txt"        seq     DOBAT documentation
1    "locate"           seq     Locate files command
4    "locate.txt"       seq     Documentation for LOCATE
1    "man"              seq     Show Manual command
12   "man.txt"          seq     Documentation for MAN
2    "commands.lzh"     prg     Sample MAN topics file
4    "contents"         seq     This file
17   "batchfiles.txt"   seq     Additional batch file help

CS-DOS SmartWatch Utility
This SFX contains CS-DOS batch files and binaries to read a Dallas
Semiconductor SmartWatch and set the CS-DOS time and date
automatically when the system boots up. The SmartWatch is a battery
powered real time clock that is usually connected to JOY port 2 for
use with GEOS. There are two slightly different versio ns of the
SmartWatch used for this application, either the "B" or "E." CS-DOS
SmartWatch includes software for both versions.

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