Re: 8280 roms

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-07-19 15:50:01

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Jul 1999, Bo Zimmerman wrote:
> > Have no idea what they are.  They just appeared to be EPROMS on the 8280
> > motherboard.  I noticed funet didn't have them... so here you are!
> Thank you!  I assume that this is the 8" counterpart of the 8050/8250. The
> ROM dumps are now available from
> <URL:>.  Any
> additional information of this drive is welcome (e.g. a parts list similar
> to the file .../8050/README).  Were these all the ROMs on the motherboard?

My guess is that the controller ROM is missing. The 8050 series has 2k
GCR ROM, two times 8k DOS ROM and 1k controller ROM, which often is
internal in the 6530 RIOT. 

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