Re: 64'er (Was: CBM C65 and V364 pages)

From: Howard Herman (
Date: 1999-07-17 11:24:44

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> Are you sure it is from 64'er? I just searched the 64'er CD disk image
> index, and I found just one RTC clock, in Sonderheft 67. But it is a two
> chip Userport device. Also the I2C tape port clock from the book I
> mentioned also uses one DIP16 chip.

Are you referring to the external clock/timer chip that was adapted for
use with the C64/128?  It allowed automatic setting of time in GEOS,
CS/DOS and some other applications.

If so, I recall that there was a discussion about a RTC (not CMD's) on
CompuServe many years ago.

The CompuServe Library has the following current entry:

[72777,1202]                            Lib: 2 Help & Utilities  Cat#:
43  {Live}
  Binary, Bytes:   12032, Count:    98, 17-Aug-90
  Title   : CS-ASST2.SFX   programs to use with CS-DOS

Some more programs to use with CS-DOS - a menu for ramdisk commands, an
instrument tuner, 80-col. font loader with 2 fonts, and date & time
utilities for use with the Smartwatch chip (Dallas #1216).  
This is a self-extracting archive.  Docs included.
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